Tools for free formats


For any format to be adopted, need tools with easy to use interfaces, good documentation, so people can create content.

Reduced number of components to download. Single install?

Applications should statically linked or bundles, so there's only one thing to install to get all the functionality.

Short term goals:

Get suggestions from people on what they'd like to work on.

Low hanging fruit:

  • ffmpeg2dirac using the libschroedinger encoder
  • gui wrapper for ffmpeg2theora
  • tagger/metadata editor

Long term goals:

Have good applications for all major platforms that do:

  • Import/Export/Playback within the native media framework
  • Dedicated Transcode/Upload/Streaming/Tagging with integration with hosting services
  • Client or Browser based
  • Embed in social practice
  • Free software editing/creation/authoring tools for Video
Melbourne by mugley
Melbourne at night - Photo by mugley

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