Foundations of Open Media Software 2008

Press Release

Summary of Workshop

Silvia gave a presentation at the LCA Multimedia Miniconf providing a summary of FOMS

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Community Goals

Achievements from FOMS 2007

Community Goals of the breakout groups from FOMS 2008

FOMS 2008 Introduction

Silvia Pfeiffer Annodex Association
FOMS Take Two slides video

Position Statements

Anuradha Suraparaju BBC Research & Innovation
Dirac: The video compression family using open technology slides video

Charles McCathieNevile Opera
The Best Internet Experience On Any Device, Anywhere slides video

Jean-Marc Valin Foundation / CSIRO
Speex slides
CELT slides

Marcin Lubonski CSIRO
Annodex: Browser Plugins slides video

Mikko A. Leppanen Nokia slides video

Rob Glidden SUN Microsystems
Overview of Sun Microsystems Open Media Commons Initiative slides video

Andre Pang Sigil Studios / Annodex
Mac OS X Developer slides video

Andrew Lowenthal TacticalTech
TacticalTech - NGO-in-a-Box slides video

Anna Helme EngageMedia / Plumi
EngageMedia / Plumi / Transmission position statement slides video

Christopher 'Monty' Montgomery Foundation
Ogg: Roadmap slides video

Conrad Parker Annodex Association
CMML slides
liboggz, libannodex slides
Ogg Skeleton slides

Erik de Castro Lopo hobbyist
libsndfile and libsamplerate slides video

James Courtier-Dutton hobbyist
ALSA slides

MPLAYER slides


slides video

John Ferlito Annodex Association
Me slides video

Lennart Poettering Redhat
pulseaudio slides video

Michael Dale Metavid
MetavidWiki slides video

Michael Smith Fluendo, SA
GStreamer slides video

Ralph Giles Foundation Overview slides video

Shane Stephens Annodex Association
liboggplay slides

Stefan Westerfeld Beast
BEAST: an open source alternative to proprietary sequencers/synthesizers commonly used by musicians slides video

Timothy Terriberry Foundation
Ogg Theora slides video

Melbourne by mugley
Melbourne at night - Photo by mugley

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