Audio API

1. Coding to PulseAudio with OSS API or libsydney?

2. What features need to be in the API anyway?

a. minimum latency for writign to the device (minimal playback and sample buffer)

  • either provide an exact value on latency from writing to playback buffer to the exact playback time at the device
  • or give best possible estimate for the latency
  • user will have a chance to query latency (best to our knowledge) and then recalculate the period and then set that new value to Sydney API

b. Polling interface in Sydney Audio - no poll API,

  • poll API possibly can be implemented over callbacks but this gives limited RT

3. Libsydney intentions:

  • scalability
  • network transparency
  • desktop audio integration

4. Per application policies:

  • muting misbehaving application,
  • muting based on the application type used to prioritize playback

5. Buffering in Sydney Audio

B                                                 W     X      A

|                                                 |     |      |



B-W - buffer size (minimal amount of data for application to set)

X-W - time available to refill the buffer


B-W def. as above

W-X def. as above

X-A hardware/scheduling latency

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