FOMS 2015

FOMS 2015 took place end of January. It was a great success check out the Sessions? for discussion details.

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What is FOMS?

FOMS is the Foundations of Open Media Standards and Software developer workshop, run in un-conference style but with pre-proposed sessions.

It is a meetup of software developers and tinkerers of all stripes who gather to collaborate, code, and lay plans for future open video technologies and standards.

FOMS provides a unique environment where open source media technology developers, Web developers, browser vendors, and media standards developers meet and discuss open media software, including the Web platform as it relates to multimedia applications.

FOMS 2015 in Brussels, Belgium has ended. Review the meeting notes from FOMS 2015 in Brussels, Belgium

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FOMS 2015 will be taking place on January 30th to 31st in conjunction with FOSDEM open source software conference which will take place the 31st and 1st of February.

January 30th will be a workshop day were attendees will present position statements; followed by focused breakout sessions.

January 31st FOMS will have a devroom in the larger FOSDEM conference. This will be a good opportunity to present open media milestones and roadmaps to the broader open source community.

February 1st, there will be many additional interesting talks at the larger FOSDEM conference to attend as well as spaces to work on open media collaborations.

For more information see the Schedule? page.

Lean more about about FOSDEM at

FOSDEM Deadlines

  • 2014-12-15: Deadline for schedules in Pentabarf
  • 2014-12-30: All schedules published on

FOMS Deadlines

  • We would like a rough head count as soon as possible, please register your Interested in Attending section and sign up with event-bright once that is available.
  • FOMS will try and give confirmation to speakers of the dev room prior to the deadline to help individuals confirm logistics.

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