FOMS 2013

What is FOMS:

FOMS is the Foundations of Open Media Standards and Software developer workshop, run in un-conference style but with pre-proposed sessions.

It is an annual meetup of software developers and tinkerers of all stripes who gather to collaborate, code, and lay plans for future open video technologies and standards.

FOMS provides a unique environment where open source media technology developers, Web developers, browser vendors, and media standards developers meet and discuss open media software, including the Web platform as it relates to multimedia applications.

Here's a picture of the participants at the end of day 2 in front of a Internet Archive rack:

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This year, the workshop took place after the W3C TPAC meeting (11-15 Nov (Mo-Fr) in China) and before WebRTC World (19-21 Nov (Tue-Thu) in Santa Clara) as well as the Chrome developer summit (20-21 Nov (Wed-Thu) in Mountain View.

Who attended?

We had a diverse group of attendees. This included:

  • Developers from open source organisations and projects such as, VideoLAN, libav, xine, FFmpeg, GStreamer, WebM project, rfc5766-turn-server project, Popcorn Maker project
  • Browser vendors: Mozilla gecko/Firefox, Google blink/Chrome, Opera, Apple WebKit
  • Video technology companies: ZEncoder?, JWPlayer?, Kaltura, Wowza, Entropy Wave, Meetecho
  • Web video users: Wikimedia, Internet Archive, YouTube?, Video.js, Netflix, Dreamworks, MobLabs?
  • Research institutes: NICTA, University of Osnabrück, University of Napoli


This year, the workshop had a focus on the following topics:

  • WebVTT and media accessibility including captioning, video descriptions, and chapters,
  • WebRTC and live video and audio conferencing, screensharing, multi-peer, TURN/STUN,
  • media technology in HTML5?, including streaming, encryption, and HTTP adaptive streaming,
  • open media codecs and codec software, including new codec developments.

See the Schedule for all sessions and their discussion notes.


FOMS 2013 was sponsored by and took place at the San Fancisco offices of the Internet Archive.

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