Schedule Overview

A draft outline of the schedule - the final session topics will be determined on the day from the position statements and suggested topics on the FoMS Mailing list.

All participants will introduce themselves and give a position statement at the beginning of FOMS. This includes:

  1. Who am I
  2. Focus and activity
  3. Current challenges and topics I'd like to see discussed

March 4th

TimeAgenda Board RoomAgenda Lunch RoomAgenda Presentation Room
8:30-9:00Coffee & Setup & Seating
9:15-10:15Position Statements
10:30-11:15Michael Cunningham Machine Generated Subtitles for Live Events
11:15-11:35Jamie Stackhouse Synchronized Playback in Practice
11:35-11:45Position Statements (breakout topics)
11:45-12:30Topic distribution
1:45-2:00Tomas Levine - A case study on web subtitle formats and translation
2:00-3:00MSE v2 Feature RequestsCasting / PiP / Openscreen API
3:20-3:40Optimizing video sharing - Izzat, Aravind
3:40-4:40Challenges with PlayersWebRTC
4:40-4:50Move back
4:50-5:00Steve Quick update on QoS? spec
5:00-6:00Low Latency LHLSjs?/DASHOTT - SmartTV?/Console/Sticks
6:00-6:20Get-together to summarize the day & group photos
6:45Leave to Dinner

March 5th

TimeAgenda Table AAgenda Table BAgenda Table C
9:00-9:30Coffee & Setup & Seating
9:45-10:00Matt and MSE-in-Workers demo
10:00-11:00ToolsQoE - Notes / working dropbox QoE
11:15-11:25TextTrack cue V2 API from Pierre and Theresa
11:30-12:30VTT and CaptionsMedia CapabilitiesCodecs
1:35-1:55Chris Cunningham - sub-second latency
1:55-3:00New Browser APIsEMEAds/SSAI
3:10-3:30Hampton Maxwell: cross-platform video deployment using react-native-video
3:30-4:30SASH/DASHCommunity Updates
4:30-5:30Get-together to summarize FOMS
5:30Hanging out