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QoE metrics standards -

Future QoE Standards Repo https://github.com/cta-wave/R4WG20-QoE-Metrics Click "Watch" to be updated when we add details. Feel free to submit issues on QoE related topics for discussion.

  • Update on CTA
  • Under Consumer standards group.
  • Different companies like Conviva, Mux, NPAW implement QoS? metrics differently
  • Goal of CTA is to standardize this across providers.
  • What is the goal of aggregation ?
  • The idea of a more generic objective automation around QoE raised.
  • Benchmark for players?
  • A given player could be out not aligned with the QoE spec.
  • Video tag is saying playing after X seconds but block.
  • Solution to analytics trust standards.
  • IAB, trusted verification script from a 3rd party.
  • A black box testing as a survey. A trusted 3rd party for analytics.
  • Document vs Tool.
  • Javascript may not be the best for strong accuracy. Your a lot from browsers to get that done properly - plays a video with QR code record the output.

Separating out ad content from primary content IsThisAdContent? or PrimarayContent?.

True abandonment - leaving in the middle of quality content. Engagement vs abandonment. The final data point around user retention. Metrics that are artificially low because people reset the apps frequently. Intentional interruption towards re-engagement. The user intent to play something else. Number of re-buffering events compared to engagement; track watch-time Users will sit through lots of re-buffers if they want to see the content.

Playback Failure - vimeo - Separated startup errors vs playback errors; we have failsafe, try to fail to 720P, fail to progressive. ( hopefully failures are failSafe ); does not go into a hardstop. Exit before video start - captures the case where user does not get to playback. - strong case for adding it in. What about exit events ? sendBeacon - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Navigator/sendBeacon

Standardize media internal; what decoders give you per failures.