WebVR? / 360 Video

  • NYTimes? is shifting from native 360 video apps to Web.
  • Chrome now exposes the timestamp of the latest frame copied to the canvas.

Native 360 video rendering:

  • specs have not been finalized
  • Mozilla's working on WebVR? but team is separate from 360 video, users are expected to do it through WebGL?.
  • YouTube? does spatial audio through the Web Audio API.
  • Firefox decodes GPU in compositor process, does not have currentTime issue Chrome faces (due to asynchronous decoding) wrt. 360 video tiling.

- Rasterizing text in VR is hard and complicated.

Applications for VR/AR:

  • Architecture
  • Conference calls

- No one available to answer questions wrt. WebVR? / native 360 video developments.