* QoS? and QoE? in an offline. 
    * Web Offline support. 
    * DRM for offline. 
    * broader adoption of offline support; while the support is braodly there. 

Shaka "supports it".

  • Central video technologies, mobile SDK offline playback on iOS and Android including DRM support.
  • User driven decision or predictive delivery.
  • Apple, HLS integration considerations.
  • Best way to determine if your "offline"
 * Chrome ready to support offline. 
  • Experimenting with PWA offline support.
  • Nice POC with chrome using "background fetch" presently in android alpha. ( When will it be public? )
  • Widevine chrome OS and android devices supported.
  • Engagement metrics.
  • Mixpanel, has native support for offline event queueing.
  • has native support.
 Shaka -> to add a nice way to download the list of segments.
 Clear content is supported across browser.
 Encrypted support is only widevine / chrome. 
 M62-> Later this month goes stable. 
 EME, CDM needs to support offline as well. 

Mozilla and Safari ... will their CDMs? support offline ?

  • No one is using specific encodes. Generally using the "online" encodes.
  • Today some publishers are just playing offline or online not a lot of "mixed" modes.

Preloading vs Offline viewing. Is it performance distinction important.

Offline Ads! ? Only offering it as premium feature. Monetization and attribution, beaconing during offline playback. Ads expire quickly, makes offline difficult.

Could you deliver your server side ad insertion. We will see offline ads this year.

Offline the content encrypted ... pre download the content but just make the license request. ( would work on all browsers that support EME ... all browsers but Safari ) sounds like safari is improving.

APAC download videos more common.

Any experiments with PWA? -- some publishers exploring ; PWA now critical part of an offline strategy.

  • API for wifi vs cellular
  • Safari and Edge have service workers coming.

What about codec checks for offline rendition

  • For PWA media capabilities will be the long term path.
  • HEVC vs VP9?; Chrome only plans to support VP9?.
  • Could we do HLS fragment Fmp4 ( Shaka supports HLS, VP9? )
  • Does Shaka support Fmp4 playready?

What values are useful for offline ?

    * Error rates, DRM license expires. 
    * Content falloff rates
    * Do you Auto renewal 
    * Predictive delivery needs to know what has been played from whats been pushed.
    * quality for offline ( frame drops, decode errors etc. ) 

How to determine if "online"

  • pull the flag, does not seem to be consistent across browsers.

Security Concerns.

  • https transition, location api, drm many dependencies, moving all the external parties to move everything over.
  • EME requires https.

Background fetch:

    * Missing some features, like progress. 
    * Follow up on release timeline.   

Proliferation of new codecs are "huge" for offline.