• Add discontinuity to the stream, before and after the AD (reset decoder)


  • add Ads using Multi-Period split up Period (server side)
  • Different on mobile platforms. Affects experience like adding start time after the Ad

With VPAID Ad the advertiser is deciding which tracking to use and which groups to target


  • IME client side adds for web
  • Server side Ads for TVs?, Native apps and OTT apps

Server side mainly for (Ad Stitching Insertion):

  • Against Ad blockers
  • No delay, smooth transition (vs. IME startup time)
  • Still a call to Ad network is needed
  • Is the market moving to server side Ad stitching?
  • Not entirely moving to Ad stitching on the server side

How to track Ad impression when client side or server side

  • Server side is harder to guarantee that the user watch the Ad segments
  • Can be done with a extra software to track server side generated Ads Segments and also need a client side for tracking beaconing and guarantee that the user watched the Ad
  • Some problems using IME: clear when the Ad is rebuffering or it is stuck
  • NPAW used to get good metrics on Ad tracking
  • QoE? solution for Ads is good

Subscription as an alternative:

  • Models of subscriptions
  • Subscription with Ad is cheaper
  • Ad Free more expensive

DRM for Ad supported content?

Yes, with the subscription with Ad model

On live streaming the Ad insertion is generally in the same time and length as broadcasting, but more a business use case decision. Still could do some targeting Ads, depending on the situation.