Encrypted Media Extension

Encryption Scheme Signaling:

  • Different proposals: mime type, video capabilities
  • Query at the first phase and get the key system.
  • There are some push backs from adding more mime types.
  • Nice thing about video cap is no complexity in cbc video, ctr audio
  • Another option is putting in other non-normative part of the spec.
  • Another option is registering for the combination one needs. But there is some issue. For example, Safari + HEVC, if no hardware, fallback to software, with limited resolution. The table is too big.

Plan for Safari/iOS DRM, offline

Common Encryption, CBC and CTR

  • Thomas wrote a technique paper about CBC and CTR. CTR is preferred. Firefox uses the same CDM as Chrome. Safari does not support CTR.

What is expected for EME and HLS next year?


Talking about protecting 360 video and where should the protection happens.

Offline for Safari/Apple

Offline in HLS, prefetch and save the content. Chrome supports offline.

What is the status for EMEvNext?? How about making a bugfix to EME.

EME 2, open github for feedback. One example is how to have CDM to process additional data.

Discuss Media capability

To which extend we reinvent the key system or in extension. 2nd option is the think eme cap as media cap. Robustness is not specified in media cap. HEVC is used as an example for the case that media cap does not know if the low res video is rejected by hardware.

Is there any CBCS sample fragment online?

CMAF probably have.