Workshop Format

This year's FOMS meeting is a 3 day event, in conjunction with the larger FOSDEM conference.



We start with a 'getting to know you' session of position statements.

Position Statements

Position statements consist of short "three slide" presentations by each participant presenting themselves, their project(s) and current challenges. The slides should contain:

  • Who am I - introduce yourself briefly, real briefly.
  • Focus and activity - describe the areas that you and your project are working on. This will put your goals and contributions in context for other participants.
  • Current challenges - describe problems that your project has encountered, things that are not working or not available. Focus on things that you want to see discussed at FOMS. These items will contribute to a gap analysis and identify areas for further discussion aside from existing sessions.


First we will have a brain-storm session to identify topics for discussion sessions that we want to work on for the remainder of the workshop.

Then we will have two streams: one stream with discussion sessions that have been submitted to FOMS and one with discussion sessions that originated in the brain storming session.

Breakout sessions are focused on solving problems though cross industry collaboration between browser vendors, respective web video platforms or players and foundational free software around encoding, codecs and delivery packaging.

We will end the day with a plenary to summarize what was achieved on Day 1.


For all those interested, we will go for a conference dinner together.


We will have a devroom in the larger FOSDEM conference. This will be a good opportunity to present open media milestones and roadmaps to the broader open source community.

3RD Day

This will be an informal day to have follow up meeting and enjoy the FOSDEM conference.