WebVTT Spec

Silvia gave an update on what was discussed at the W3C TPAC (technical plenary meeting) about how to move WebVTT onto a standards track through the W3C Timed Text WG.

WebVTT status report

WebVTT bug classifying

  • Discussion of Bug 19836 - cue settings need to use float for percentages - identified as a blocker bug because it stops us from implementing CEA608? completely accurately - will do
  • discussed regions and why they are required
  • Ken explained why the FCC requires CEA708? support, see 708 Features list
  • discussed the CEA608/708 to WebVTT conversion spec
  • registered a bug on the region spec that the region box needs to grow to contain the cue text for larger font etc
  • discussion about whether it would make sense to stop having 2 different ways of doing captions: normal captions and regions
  • discussion whether to just unify the rendering or also the syntax
  • can't change the syntax of the normal captions (already in HLS), but might be able to introduce region features into normal cues (Silvia is sceptical)