NameActivitiesFOMS interests
Aaron Colwell (Google Chrome)media source extensions, presentations with javascript, media distribution research. Implemented real player ogg supportmake manipulating media on the web a lot more common. Get the media manipulation spec standardized. more live stuff!
Adrien Maglo (VLC)(MIA) 
Ami Fischman (Google Chrome)chrome & chrome OS, hardware decodinghardware-related topics
Andrew Scherkus (Google Chrome)chrome video implementation last 4 years. http media loading, how proxies mess us up.big goal minimize the amount of time it takes open media over http. How all the pieces interact and combine for great applications.
Anna Cavender (Google Chrome)chrome, track implementation web VTT, focuses on accessibility techweb VTT discussions.
Anton Khirnov (libav)x 
Ben Hutchings (live video production and streaming)x 
Christian Muehlhaeuser (Tomahawk)x 
Cristian Adam (Windows MediaFoundation?)Windows Mediaport opus to the Windows Media
Cyril Concolato (GPAC, w3c member, svg rendering, package systemgoal synchronize video and svg content. relates to subtitling, svg2
Dale Curtis (Google Chrome)html5 media element, libav and ffmpeg into chrome, staying in sync, audio back end rendering OS, prior to html5, auto test infrastructure, see the latest
David Dorwin (Google Chrome)works on chrome html5 implementation, new extensions on the spec.spec work challenges
David Glaude (Engineering of Networked Video, European Parliament)x 
Diego Biurrun (Libav)libav, ffmpeg, mplayer, firefox ( a while back ), project management. Working build systemfinish mcvc efforts. herding cats
Diego Elio Pettenò (libav, xine, Gentoo)gento, xine release, libav effortsstreaming solution
Edward Hervey (PiTiVi?)colabora, multimedia architect, not talking about PiTivI?, gstreamer frameworkhandle all use cases possible for gstreamer. Supporting more underling hardware / software
Gisles Boudet (cinelerra, lumiera)Uses cinelerra with students. Wants stay up to date about open video development.looking at hardware
Greg Schechter (YouTube?)Works on youtube html5 player, best native video playback experience.Make sure best player experience is possible
Harald Alvestrand (WebRTC)Google, leads WebRTC standards agreementGetting everyone to agree, including Microsoft
Jan Gerber (, firefogg, html5 platform ( pandora ) used on, editingWebRTC works between browsers, wikimedia video
Jean-Baptiste Kempf (vlc)no work, new startup, mostly vlc developmentimprove vlc support for new stuff, web VTT, desktop web RTC support, captions, vlc web browser plugin? listen and help.
Jean Lefeuvre (Telecom Paristech)University, creator and maintainer of gpac ( mp4box ), adaptive streamingadaptive streaming
Jeroen Wijering (Longtail video /JW Player)  
Kostya Shishkov (ffmpeg, libav)Codecs, multimedia formatsnew codecs
Luca Barbato (libav)encourage open source developer team work, liabv, streamingmove flash to html5, rtmp alternatives, solutions for the browser. how to replace flash completely. Better coordination.
Ludovic Fauvet (VLC)x 
Mans Rullgard (embedded systems, libav)work for ARM, libav performance testingtrolling ogg spec. working on libav.
Marc-Antoine ARNAUD (TuttleOFX)x 
Mashiat Sarker Shakkhar (libav)x 
Michael Dale (Wikimedia, Kaltura)wikimedia; html5 support in kaltura, video player, mobile, AndroidWebRTC, API adjustments for HTML5? video
Monty ( of, red hat. Working on next video in the xiph series. Ogg containertalking about seeking, mostly listen.
Nicolas Bertrand (Digital Cinema/JPEG)PHD provide an open source solution for digital cinema playback. alternate to closed distribution solution.
Odin Hørthe Omdal (Opera)x 
Rafaël Carré (VLC, x264, FFmpeg?, libav, libblurray)works for self, vlc libav integrationre-streaming and re-encoding of live formats SDI to HLS, to DASH.
Remi Denis-Courmont (VLC)first vlc employeechecking it out
Robin Gareus ( problems for art instillations, conferences, ardour interoperability,ardour interoperability, re-using video infrastructure back ends.
Romain Bouqueau (GPAC)multimedia projects, gpac, client player vlc / web browser, mpeg4 format / DASHmedia zoom, remote rendering + client interactions
Ruediger Rolf (University Osnabrueck)automated lecture end to end solutionchallenges in creating tools that work for all students, web based video editor
Schulte Olaf A. (Opencast Matterhorn Project)x 
Serge Lachapelle (Google)WebRTC 
Silvia Pfeiffer (Google)web VTT, html5 spec, standard, video accessibility, webkit chrome video controls, media fragments, ogg skeleton ( ogg Index )Everyone do cool stuff with video on the web. Keep things open
Simon Peters (Opera)QA media and track elements, involved in whatwg and w3cautomatic track selection, interoperability
Steve Heffernan (video.js)xencoder api, acquired by bright-coveadaptive streaming player side, web VTT, media source apis
Steve (youtube)adaptive streaming youtubehow standards work, subjective quality project
Thomas Kristy (x264, libav)x 
Tim Terriberry (Mozilla)theora project lead, all xiph codecs, opus deployednext generation video codec ( daala / vpNext ) , webRTC
Victor Carbune (Chromium)contribute to open source chrome implementation, captions rendering youtubetrack implementation
Victoria Kirst (Google Chrome)media source implementation, audio back end, ARMspec work, other browsers media source efforts
Xiaohan Wang (Google Chrome)RIM, multimedia transcoding implementationvideo tag implementation, encrypted media specification