WebM Uptake

How can we achieve more uptake of WebM?

How can WebM become the baseline code for HTML5??

  • achieve universal uptake in all browsers
  • standard will follow

How can WebM get support by Apple?

  • support in Safari: use Perian - it's a QuickTime? component that supports WebM (at least the latest release)
  • Perian will also create support for iMovie
  • Apple is moving away from QuickTime? components and QuickTime? 10 doesn't allow components - fortunately enough software relies on components, so they won't go away quickly
  • on iPod and iPad, it will be impossible to provide plugins, since they don't use quicktime framework
  • VLC has WebM support on iPad (but you need to put .avi ending onto the files)
  • Opera won't be able to support WebM on mobile with Opera mini and gstreamer, because gstreamer cannot be statically linked for lgpl
  • Mozilla is planning WebM support on mobile with Fennec

How can WebM get supported on Windows?

  • oggcodecs DirectShow? filters for IE8?
  • for IE9? we need media foundation implementation
  • for Virtualdub, we would need Video For Windows support, but that's old and we should recommend such users to move to AviDemux?
  • use Miro, VLC converter, or Firefogg for transcoding, e.g. of Windows MovieMaker? output
  • it would be possible to provide a AdobePremiere?/Vegas plugin - somebody should write something like this
  • somebody should implement a SilverLight? WebM decoder

Where is Adobe support for WebM?

  • Adobe are keen to support WebM, but seem to not have gotten around to it
  • WebM in Flash is probably a precursor for getting YouTube? to support only WebM
  • somebody should talk to Mike Melansen :-)

How can we get WebM support on mobile?

  • currently, vendors are working on HW decoding, which should be out soon
  • HW encoding may take some longer
  • unfortunately, WebM on Android without HW support is very slow
  • with a SilverLight? decoder, WebM would work on Windows Mobile 7

How can we get better WebM advocacy?

  • the webm website doesn't even have a embedded webm video!
  • we could consider creating a "playwebm" movement - maybe talk to FSF
  • we should provide a good web page that explains what tools to use for what and what is best practice
  • people should write many RFPs? for how to stream TV and other things WebM

Public Access TV as an application opportunities for WebM?

  • Public Access TV providers want to go online
  • we should provide a brochure or website to explain "how to get your public access TV on the Internet"
  • should include live and on-demand
  • we should find somebody in public access TV as a trial user that will take the step and be a reference
  • maybe democracy now has some ideas

How can we do live streaming with WebM?

  • Flumotion - make it easier to user
  • VLC - fix the bugs
  • somebody needs to implement it in icecast
  • maybe we can solve adaptive HTTP streaming with chunked playback in browsers and then it's as simple as continuing to upload chunks to an ftp server and update the manifest
  • we need a simple program on windows that gets started and just streams live, e.g. webm_live_streamer.exe

How can we represent DVD on the Web?

  • it would be cool if we can something like DVD2Cloud? that would grab your DVD data, encode the videos in WebM, uploads to Web server, creates index page with chapters and other DVD intro stuff
  • we need subtitle support
  • somebody should implement this!

What is happening in Anime?

  • it seems the Anime people around Jason created a MKV with VP8? and AAC format that is being used in the Anime community
  • maybe if WebM had subtitle support and multitrack a/v support, they might move to WebM

What about P2P? ?

  • Opera and Firefox want to be able to play p2p video in the video element
  • bittorrent alone won't be sufficient - try swift and swarm
  • but p2p is a nice solution to publishers that are afraid of getting hit by huge bandwidth use on popular videos
  • could be done with adaptive HTTP streaming on chunks

What about DRM and WebM?

  • if you want uptake, you need to solve this
  • the idea is to allow feeding a video element with data from JavaScript?
  • so you can receive encrypted video data from a server, decrypt it (e.g. using WebSockets?), and throw it at the video element