Live WebM

  • Is seeking backward possible in live streams?

Yes; please fix ambiguity in spec

  • There are other ambiguities in spec. In the muxer section, the "should/must" statement is confusing.
  • What's the deal with live WebM cues in spec?
  • Does WebM support multiple audio & video tracks in one file?
  • What about captioning track, when will it be supported?

Status/tools for Live WebM

  • Possible today with Flumotion & gStreamer plugins
  • Should/can it be made to work in icecast?

WebM in Flash

  • This is up to Adobe


  • Should baseline HTML5? <video> only support one audio, one video track?

Will depend a lot on what the browser makers choose to support.

Graphics interfaces

  • Will Microsoft assign/register a Dshow/WMF GUID for WebM? John L to look into this.

Follow-up answers from John Luther

  1. . Muxer should/must confusion: We will clarify & rev in spec
  2. . Live webm cues: We will clarify & rev in spec
  3. . Multiple audio & video: This works but is "undecided" in the spec b/c we are waiting on clarity/guidance from W3C? HTML5?
  4. . In-band captioning: This will also be a little while but we think is further along than 3