This page collects output from the workshop. These are our immediate results: video, presentation slides, whatever we thought was useful.

Summaries of Breakout Group Discussions

Can be found on their own page at CommunityGoals

Participant publications on FOMS

Zachary Ozer blog post on FOMS 2010

Ben Schwartz blog post on adaptive HTTP streaming

Thomas Vander Stichele blog post on adaptive HTTP streaming in Flumotion

Silvia Pfeiffer blog post on adaptive HTTP streaming

Software Demos from FOMS

  • Jeroen Wijering: audio descriptions with ducking
  • Philip Jagenstedt: media fragment URI support in the video element in Opera; needs fragment highlighting; also question about raising events
  • Zaheer Abbas Merali: flumotion streaming of chunked video using m3u8 and 1sec chunks for WebM video
  • Cristian Adam: WebM working in Ie6 and IE8? with seeking; still needs byte range request support

Position statements

Brief statements from each participant introducing themselves, their projects, and the challenges they brought to the workshop.

Andrew Davis
Kaltura/Mediawiki Sequencer slides

Andrew Schaaf
WebM hacking slides

Ben Schwartz
Xiph and OLPC hacking slides

Chris Blizzard
Mozilla open media activity slides

Cristian Adam
Open Codecs DirectShow Filters slides

David Schleef
GStreamer, Orc, Dirac/Schroedinger, Theora slides

Edward Hervey
GStreamer slides

Edward Hervey
Pitivi slides

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki
DebConf Videoteam, Debian Multimedia Packaging team slides

Greg Maxwell
CELT, libtheora slides

Jan Gerber
ffmpeg2theora, Firefogg,, slides

Jean-Baptiste Kempf
VLC, VideoLAN slides

John Luther
Product Manager, WebM Project slides

Michael Dale
Kaltura, Wikimedia: Video sequencer, HTML5 player slides

Christopher (Monty) Montgomery
Xiph Codec Research slides

Philip Jägenstedt
<video> developer at Opera Software slides

Ralph Giles Challenges slides

Raphael Troncy
Multimedia metadata, standards & interoperability, media fragments slides

Sanjay Bhangar ( ) slides

Sébastien Adgnot
Web Developer @ Dailymotion slides

Silvia Pfeiffer
Media Accessibility and related time-aligned text and hyperlinking technologies slides

Thomas Vander Stichele
Flumotion slides

Timothy B. Terriberry
Theora, VP8, CELT, Vorbis/Tremor for Xiph and Mozilla slides

Tracey Jaquith
Internet Archive slides

Zach Ozer, Jeroen Wijering, Pablo Schklowsky
JW Player, Longtail Video slides

Zaheer Merali
Gstreamer and Flumotion slides