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Currently registered open source developers:

  • Christopher "Monty" Montgomery: Director of Xiph.Org, original author of Ogg and Vorbis
  • John Luther: Product Manager at WebM project
  • Jim Bankoski: Engineering Manager at WebM project
  • Philip Jagenstedt: Opera media element developer
  • Gregory Maxwell: Xiph, Wikipedia, CELT, Vorbis
  • Cristian Adam: Xiph.Org DirectShow filters maintainer
  • George Chriss: publishes
  • Andrew Davis: Kaltura / Wikipedia video editor
  • David Schleef: Dirac, GStreamer, liboil, Entropy Wave
  • Edward Hervey: Creator and Maintainer of the PiTiVi video editor, Core GStreamer hacker
  • Alex Converse: FFmpeg developer, libavcodec AAC, great interest in the CELT codec, VP8 extensions
  • Chris Blizzard: Mozilla
  • Jean-Baptiste Kempf: VLC
  • Zaheer Abbas Merali: GStreamer, Flumotion
  • Eric Rzewnicki: video recordings of conferences, midi sampler, PHAT audio toolkit
  • Dan Paluska: media artist working on public information appliances
  • Raphael Troncy: EURECOM, W3C standards, Firefox plugin for media fragment URIs
  • Jean-Marc Valin: Speex, CELT
  • Zachary Ozer: JWPlayer, Longtail Video
  • Jeroen Wijering: JWPlayer, Longtail Video
  • Pablo Schklowsky: JWPlayer, Longtail Video
  • Jan Gerber: ffmpeg2theora developer,
  • Thomas vander Stichele: GStreamer, Fluendo
  • Sanjay Bhangar:
  • Tracey Jaquith: Internet Archive
  • Andrew Schaaf: vp8-parser, motion vectors
  • Benjamin Matthew Schwartz: medical imaging, signal processing, motion, and sound
  • Timothy Terriberry: Ogg Theora, CELT, WebM developer, Xiph, Mozilla
  • Michael Dale: Kaltura, Wikimedia open video technology platform, Metavid, mv_embed
  • Silvia Pfeiffer: Xiph.Org, Annodex, W3C standards, accessibility for open media
  • Ralph Giles: Xiph.Org, Theora

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