Media Fragment URIs

  • Opera/Mozilla: will you implement the protocol in addition to the UI aspect of Media Fragment?
    • Opera: we will only support video formats that are seekable, which have an index. Consequently, the UA (browser) knows how to map a time range into byte ranges. We will not support legacy old formats which are not seekable.
    • What about tracks? According to Philip, this imposes to build a very specific demuxer (which knows about the holes). Consequently, track dimension will most likely be managed by the query only and not the fragment
    • Difference between query and fragment: the later might contain a Link header pointing to the original resource that the UA might decide to use
    • Temporal fragments can be used to control the buffering, or more generally better control the preload of the video resource
    • Opera hacked live an implementation of the spec!
  • How to render a spatial fragment: pixels versus percent. Percent is easy but which pixels?
    • Ideally, the fragment should be style-able with CSS
    • Opaque is nice, but people will want to change the opaque colors, put borders, etc.
    • Cropping? Supported through javascript
  • Permalink to streaming media will most likely the query parameter
  • Media fragments URI parsing vs validity: ongoing discussion on whether any name=value pairs will be acceptable to be a media fragment URI or not