Community Goals

Breakout Group Notes

The FOMS participants discussed in breakout groups key issues that open media systems are facing in the current environment. Here are the notes of these groups:

Community Goals

1. adaptive HTTP streaming:

  • develop a adaptive HTTP streaming solution for Ogg and WebM
  • encourage statistics API for the video element into Web browsers
  • fix GStreamer to support manifest files

2. media fragment URIs?:

  • make recommendations for how to implement media fragment URI support in Web browsers

3. media accessibility

  • develop best practice examples for accessible media
  • improve WebSRT

4. WebM

  • help with uptake, in particular best practice documents
  • encourage a SilverLight? WebM decoder implementation
  • write many RFPs? for how to stream TV and other things WebM
  • find out where Adobe is at with WebM support
  • consider creating a "playwebm" movement - maybe talk to FSF
  • approach public access TV producers
  • implement a DVD2Cloud? tool for DVD publishing in HTML5?
  • show a demo of how to secure WebM video
  • include caption track into WebM
  • spec clarifications on John Luther

5. Web applications

  • need a means for playlists in HTML5?
  • send lots more content toward