Workshop Format

This year's FOMS meeting is a three-day event. For the first time, we have added a third day with a hacking focus.

1st Day

Morning: Short "five slide" position statements in the morning, with each project identifying their work and current challenges.

Position Statements

We start with position statements and a 'getting to know you' section at the beginning of the meeting. This introduces everyone and gets the group on the same page. There will be regular breaks, as it's not wildly interactive if there are a lot of projects presenting. The position statements are done with a standardised five slide deck, respectively:

  1. Who am I - introduce yourself briefly, real briefly.
  2. Focus and activity - describe the areas that your organisation is focusing and working on. This will put your goals and contributions in context for other participants.
  3. Problem areas - describe problems that your organisation has encountered, things that are not working or not available. These items will contribute to a gap analysis and areas for further discussion.
  4. Dependencies - describe the organisations, projects and components that your organisation depends on. This helps everyone understand the map of the community.
  5. Next steps - suggest concrete goals and objectives that you wish to see followed.

Afternoon: topic identification and breakout groups on particular topics of importance.

2nd Day

Further breakout groups, time to address the issues identified on the first day and start hacking.

3rd Day

Hacking day. Go off in smaller groups and code away or make plans for the next codec that will rock the world, or the next media usage scheme.